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My name is Jacqueline de Buchet and I am an aspiring event planner.

I created this blog to be able to share with you my ideas and inspirations ranging from event decors to recipes, DIYs or just tips about life in general. I believe in the importance of making every and any occasion special, from hosting a big party to making your favourite meal at home for yourself on a low key night. Life is too short not to enjoy it. I know it sounds very cheesy but with all the negative energy in this world, it is important to take care of ourselves and, in a sense, remember the little things that make life in general worth living.

I hope this blog inspires you, helps you in any way, shape or form or simply brings you a little bit of happiness.

If you have any queries, suggestions or just want to say hi, head on over to the contact page and send me a message!

Our Services

Being an event planner at heart, creating beautiful celebrations for special people is my passion. From birthday parties, to weddings to corporate events, I do it all. I would love to help you make your upcoming event come to life and work with you to make your wildest ideas come true.

Please send me a message including even the most brief description of your ideas and your budget and I would be happy to set a time with you to discuss your plans in more detail.

I am also open to collaborations. Please contact me and I will get back to you shortly. As always, we only promote goods and services we really truly believe in. Our readers’ trust is more important than anything else.

For all business enquiries please email me at contact@livelovencreate.com or just contact me using the contact form.