About Me

Well Hello, There! I’m so glad you stopped by! Welcome to my little piece of the Internet where I take so much pleasure in sharing with you my creations, ranging from event decor ideas to recipes, with a couple of arts & crafts along the way and a few personal thoughts as well.

A Little Bit About Me…

So I’m guessing you’re here to get to know me a little bit better… so here are a few things about me!

My name is Jacqueline de Buchet and I’m based in London, United Kingdom. As you may have guessed from my name, I’m part French, but also American and German so you will see a whole mix of all of these cultures in my event decors and recipes. From me sharing our authentic Zimtsterne – a German holiday biscuit we make every year in December, to fully embracing the South of France lifestyle last Summer… oh and lets not forget the 4th of July celebrations, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

I started this blog while finishing up my Master’s in Management in London early 2017, mostly because I knew I loved creating, planning and styling events. I figured it would be a really fun project to have on the side of my studies and future job and would allow me to develop my creativity and experience in this field.

After almost a year, this blog has really turned into my #1 hobby. I could spend hours with my little notebook I call “Blog Ideas” and brainstorm.

This experience has been so fulfilling and enriching. There’s something so special about having a platform that’s really all up to you. Its all yours and you can put in as much or as little effort into it as you want. It has taught me so much about how to build a brand, how to stay motivated and consistent, how to get through rough patches and more importantly, it has made me realise that I really love doing what I’m doing. That is why I’m starting a career in event planning & styling! You can learn a lot more about what I do and what services I offer over on Our Services page.

What’s In It For You…

Now of course I wouldn’t be doing this blog if I didn’t love it. I do pour in a lot of love and effort into my little, baby brand. But I also do it for YOU and hope to inspire YOU. I hope this blog inspires you and makes you realise that you can make any and every occasion special, from hosting a large party to more simply making your favourite meal at home on a low key night.

I believe life is just too short not to make the most of it. I know this may sound cheesy but with all the negative energy in this world, it is important to take care of ourselves and, in a sense, remember that the little things in life are what makes life in general worth living.

To stay consistent and so you all know what to expect from me, I post every Monday and my posts range from event decor ideas to recipes and DIYs. I am also planning to cover other topics such as how to help you plan events and sharing with you practical tips & tricks to make this – sometimes tedious – process easier.

Other than that, I also have a YouTube channel, where I post as often as I can with video tutorials, behind the scenes shots and other fun and original ideas. Of course, you can follow me on my social media. I am very active on Instagram and Facebook so you can keep up to date over there, and you can find a whole lot more decor inspiration on my Pinterest page!

All in all, I hope this blog inspires you, helps you in any way, shape or form or simply brings you a little bit of happiness. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries, suggestions or just want to say hi, I always love receiving messages from my readers! It really, truly makes my day.