A Royal Wedding Tradition

Hi friends! So this week is a very exciting week for us Brits because of… drumroll pleaaaase… the Royal Wedding!!! Last time, I remember I was in the US on the day of Kate and William’s wedding day and woke up extra early – around 4:30am to watch every single minute of the TV coverage on the Royal Wedding. Before you think I’m completely crazy, I just want to say that its actually quite a big event in the UK and I can promise you that I was not the only one watching!!

One of the traditions here for such a Royal occasion is to have a Street Fest! You set up long tables in your street and all the neighbours get together to celebrate. It really is a great bonding time! Obviously, in London its a little complicated to set up camp in the middle of the street as they are super busy but most parks will have something going on – whether it is a huge picnic where every body brings some food and mingles or something a little more organised like a fest with food stands and music… One thing’s for sure: its always a great time! Last time, it was actually a public holiday here! This time, we don’t have this luxury but trust me, the Brits do love their Royals so we WILL celebrate no matter what!


So this brings me to this week’s post… my very own little “Viewing Tea Party”! A lot of my friends are organising a viewing party this weekend so I thought I would share this idea with you if you hadn’t thought about it! Hang up some bunting, put the kettle on, whip up some scones and other British pastries, turn the TV on and have your friends come over! Its a great excuse to get together!!

Seriously though, the bunting is an absolute MUST! I got this one with the UK flag and this red, white & blue one.

You might remember this tea set from THIS very popular blog post! I absolutely love the blue and white – especially paired with juicy red strawberries! You might be surprised to hear this but England has the most deliciouuuus strawberries – and the Brits are very proud of them. They’re so tasty! So yes, basically what I’m saying is that strawberries are a must for this occasion!! Haha.

Now let me talk about these pastries for a minute! You’ve probably tried scones before – if not, I think you should! Have them with jam and clotted cream, they’re really good but beware, they’re super filling. I bought mine from the supermarket but you can absolutely make them yourself. Here’s a classic recipe you can try.

The other classic teatime treat is the Victoria sponge cake, a traditional sponge cake filled with a layer of jam and whipped cream in the middle – its super easy to make, especially if you buy the sponge cake pre made packs.

 Look at that nice looking slice of cake!! Doesn’t it look good?! With a few strawberries on the side..!! Here’s a recipe if you’d like to try your hand making it.

Now for this last recipe… you’ll have to excuse me because its not exactly a teatime classic but who can pass up on these adorable looking chocolate muffins!!! Look at these muffin cases!!! I’m pretty sure we’ve had these since the last Royal wedding but I’ve found these cute alternatives here, here and here. Topped with a cute UK flag, they couldn’t look more festive! You could of course make cupcakes instead but if you’ll be watching from the US, a little breakfast treat could come in handy for your viewing party. This is the recipe I used, easy peasy and delish.

All that’s left to do is pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy the sunshine!

But be sure not to miss Megan Markle walking down the aisle! 😉

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