Ladies who Brunch

One thing you probably didn’t know about me is that one of my 3 favourite meals of the day is breakfast… 😉 So I thought, what better idea than invite some of my friends for a brunch on a sunny springy Saturday morning?!

It really was a last minute idea that came to me when I was at the supermarket one evening and saw these beautiful flowers for just 35 pens a bunch. Seriously, its the deal of the century when you go late at night and the store is desperate to sell their produce going off that same day!

So anyways, back to my little brunch partayyy. When I saw these flowers, I was instantly in a party mood and thought, “I need to invite my friends over this weekend!”. So I quickly grabbed what I needed: fruits, bread, ingredients to make a crustless quiche loraine, granola, yoghurt, eggs, bacon, orange juice… you name it I had it in my cart. Haha.

We have a glass dining table, which we really never take advantage of (we always have a tablecloth covering it) because – let’s be honest – its a pain to clean after each meal.

But this time, I was feeling adventurous – I took a real risk there, as you can see! 😉 – and only used a bright pink table runner with its matching napkins for the occasion. I added a few touches of purple to go with my flower selection, including purple glasses, petals that I dispersed along the table runner, and some purple serving dishes.

For the flower centerpieces, I soaked two pieces of oasis overnight (really important step to avoid having to water them everyday and make a huge mess!). The next morning, I cut and displayed my flowers, making sure I covered the oasis all around. I used pink ribbon to hide the little plastic rim in which the oasis was placed.

And tadaaa! My springy centerpieces were done. Its a very satisfying and relaxing job to create these. Honestly, you should try it! 🙂

Now for the food. I wanted to have a few options to suit everybody’s eating preferences. I had bread with avocado, jam, cheese… all kinds of toppings. I made a crustless quiche lorraine (if you’re interested, I can send you the recipe). Of course, I made the traditional eggs and bacon combo.

And lastly, I made these little granola pots: I put a layer of greek yoghurt to which I added vanilla sugar, then I roughly grounded some nuts with coconut flakes and mixed it in with my granola and added some fruits – blueberries and pomegranate seeds.

It was a very yummy brunch!!! Great way to get together and catch up with your favourite ladies!

Have a good week friends! Its finally nice weather in London, and I couldn’t be happier!!

4 Replies to “Ladies who Brunch”

  1. I love your imagination your color combination and your food ideas!

  2. Great pictures! You have such talent and an eye for colour composition. Can’t wait to try the granola pots. Thanks for all your inspiring ideas! x

  3. LOVE! Did you make the flower holders yourself?

  4. […] covered the table with. As for the two flower centerpieces, you might remember these stands from THIS blog post a while back. I just used two pieces of oasis (remember to soak them over night before […]

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