A special 18th Birthday Party

Hellooo! Welcome back! So this week, I wanted to share with you my baby sister’s 18th birthday party we had a couple of weeks ago. Let me start off by clarifying some things: yes, I have 2 sisters and their birthdays are just two days apart. So if you haven’t seen last week’s blog post, go check it out HERE! It was my other sister’s 21st birthday cocktail party. Anyways, so you might recognize some of the decoration from the last birthday and that is because… I mean, what’s the point in changing everything when you have a perfect-looking “Happy Birthday” banner you put up two days before?!

Anyways, we did decide to change quite a few things because we wanted to make the birthday girl feel special and not just feel like she’s “just getting the leftovers from her older sister”.


We started off by changing the colour scheme from pink & green to pink & silver. For the table that meant a new silver table runner, new pink & silver “18” shaped confetti, some new flowers, new tableware… we basically changed everything except for the balloons, which fit the theme perfectly.

For the centerpiece, we bought some pink roses and cut the stems pretty short so we would have a low but still imposing flower creation. We put in some pebbles at the bottom of the vase originally to help the flower stems stand up but then we kind of just bunched them up together so they were mostly there for a touch of glam.

Obviously we had candles – silver ones, purple napkins, glassware and tableware… but we wanted to make this birthday feel special for my sister so we glammed up her seat in particular…


We cut a piece of a birthday sash and taped it to her chair for a cute touch. We also put a straw in her glass because she’s obsessed with straws. And I made this “18” out of chocolate and we just added it to her place with a few pink pebbles to hold it up.

We added a few glasses of candy because yes, my sister is a big big fan of sweets. I also made these white chocolate hearts (I just melted down the chocolate and used an heart-shaped ice cube tray).

We also did buy a few more balloons… an “18” to be more specific.

For the food, I made her an almond cake (recipe in THIS blog post) and frosted it with lots and lots of icing. My new found passion is icing cakes aha I feel like I’ve gotten so much better after this whirlwind of birthdays. I also made home made whipped cream and bought raspberries because they all go so well together.


She was so touched, it was a nice reminder that it really doesn’t have to cost the world to make someone feel special…

Have a wonderful week my friends! We’ve got a few more weeks of Fall so I’ve planned a few more posts for Thanksgiving and Fall decor until end of November before I jump full swing into the holiday season… so you better get ready…



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