My Thanksgiving Tablescape

Hi friends!! Yayy Thanksgiving week is finally upon us! I just went to the grocery store this morning and picked up all the groceries for our Thanksgiving dinner AND for all the Christmas cookies we’re going to make this coming weekend (P.S. watch this space, I’ll be posting about our Christmas cookies very sooon and we make a loooot of cookies. I mean A LOT OF THEM. Lol).

I thought I would deck the table a few days early to share with you what our Thanksgiving table will look like this year. The theme is red & gold. I found myself buying yet another one of these glittery table runners. I think I have like 6 or 7 different colours by now. I might as well buy them in every colour that exists… I always buy them from HERE if you’re interested. They’re super affordable and glam up literally any tablescape.

Other than that, I used a beige tablecloth and matching plates and napkins. Oh, I also bought these plate chargers in RED this time (I already had the gold ones) from HERE and used both colours for the table.


You might remember the pumpkins from my Fall and Halloween blog posts (this one and this one). At the time I had only spray painted the bottom half of the pumpkins in gold but this time I just spray painted the top as well to fit the theme better.

I also added a few of these red glass stones and nuts and this beautiful bouquet of fiery red and orange flowers. Low vases work great for centerpieces so you can still see the people sitting across from you.

I’ve always associated Thanksgiving with this homely, traditional and old fashioned feel (I’m not sure why) so I thought these two candle sticks would be sooo perfect to add a flair of old fashion to the tablescape. And you know how I am about candles. I love them.


I think I’ve talked about everything about the table. Now for the chairs, I bought this roll of organza originally for my Christmas decorations around the house but could not resist adding it to my Thanksgiving decor as well. I just looove bows on chairs like that. It just looks so festive (and its soooo affordable! I bought mine from HERE).

Ok, last and surely not least is the wall decor. I added this fairy light garland for an added touch of festivity. As we get closer to the shortest day of the year, I’ve become more and more creative with bringing more light to my decors. I especially love this garland because of how narrow the spaces between the lights are. I bought them from Waitrose.

Oh and that cactus in the back is a Christmas cactus. It flowers right around the Christmas season – mine flowered a little early. But I love the flowers it grows. It fit the theme perfectly.


Alright, I think I’ve done a pretty detailed tour of everything I used for this decor. I never know if you guys find it boring that I go into so much detail or useful. Let me know!

If you want to see what kind of food we’re having this year, do check out my Instagram page! I’ll be posting there. 😉

Talk to you next week, friends!! And have a happy Thanksgiving, filled with joy and laughter with all your loved ones. 🙂



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