Blue January

Hi friends! How is your beginning of year going? How are your resolutions going? Anybody else feeling a little bit… blue this January? In some way I’m feeling so excited and motivated about this new year, in another I’m just not feeling this month of January. Its just not a very exciting month.

Anyway, this week I wanted to share with you a little bit more of a (for lack of a better word) traditional tablescape. This was actually one of our lunch table setting I created while I was on holiday in France during the holiday season.

I just love this room. I love the huge mirror on the back wall. It makes the room feel so much bigger than it actually is. I also love the big window and high ceilings. It just looks so airy and spacious. Also, I’m kind of loving the blu-ish-green wall colour.

For this table decor, I went for a large and green centerpiece. I try to stick to what’s in season in my table decors and lets be honest, January is just not the month of big, colourful flowers (side note, I can’t wait for Spring to roll around so I CAN go all out on the flowery centerpieces). So simple greenery it is. Although, I do think this bouquet makes quite a statement especially with the white spray painted branches.

I grabbed an oasis to put at the bottom of the vase so I could arrange the stems exactly the way I wanted. I also put a mirror in the middle of the table so a) the vase would not ruin the table (haha) but also b) so the centerpiece would reflect onto the mirror and give this even greater illusion of “grandeur”.

I also decided to add touches of gold to bring a little glamour and sparkles to this decor – including these balls made of gold wire and gold candles (of course!). I didn’t want the decor to overpower the beauty of the room AND this pretty wooden table. I believe its the first time I post a decor on a wooden table and it makes such a difference in terms of what decor items I use.

Ok, now lets talk tableware. Blue. Monogramed. This stunning set is quite a few generations old and I love the old-fashioned vibe they give to the table decor. I mean, look as these coat of arms painted on each item!! I also love that I found placemats and napkins that matched perfectly the blue plates and saucers.


^ see the details of the table! So pretty, it would be a crime to cover it with a tablecloth.

Last but not least, lets take a moment to look at the glassware on the table. I love these crystal flutes. They’re actually so small, you’d probably finish the glass in one gulp. Hahaha. Whatever, they’re still so stylish. I love to bring in as many different styles of tableware and decor to this blog. I find it makes it so much more fun.

Before I end this post, I do want to point your attention to this wine decanter (the red wine carafe! see picture below). You don’t get much classier than that if you pour your guests red wine from this. You’ll find similar ones here (love the stopper on that one!), here (much cheaper!) or here (even cheaper!). It could also be a great gift idea to your wine fanatic friend! 😉

I hope you have a great week!!! See you next week for an update on how my job is going (little spoiler: its going great! 😉 )! xxxx


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