Winter Wonderland

Hi friends! Now, I know that the holiday season is over. However, WINTER HAS JUST STARTED! Well, at least for us folks living in the Northern hemisphere. So of course, this week’s tablescape idea is inspired by this wonderful (cold) winter we’re having!

But before we jump into the details of this table decor, I wanted to give you a little life update! If you read last week’s blog post, I mentioned that I wanted to share a little bit more about me, myself and I 😉 because I feel it would make my blog a little more personal, genuine and relatable. So anyway, I’m starting a new job this week with a wedding planner!! And I’m so excited for all the events we’re planning together this year and all the experience I’m going to get from this opportunity. I’m also fiercely planning on keeping up with the blog as much as possible.

With that being said, here’s a tablescape I designed after we put away the Christmas decoration this weekend and it was all looking very, very dull. I think the snowflakes are here to stay until March!

If you saw my NYE tablescape, you probably noticed that I changed things up and did a centerpiece that was hanging from the ceiling with lots of black, gold and silver streamers. I really liked the way they looked so I decided to do something similar for this tablescape and bought these large snowflakes from Poundland that I hung in the middle of the table as well as these icicles – that are actually Christmas tree ornaments (ok, they don’t look very centered but the ceiling is so high, it was a struggle. Haha.)

Other than that, I went with a white & silver theme for the table with these napkin rings, placemats and table runner I bought from Primark yeaaaars ago. I also added big stars and snowflakes of lots of different colours and materials to the mix. I can’t remember where they are from unfortunately, we just collected them over the years.

Did you notice I used a battery operated string of fairy lights on the table as well? You can’t see them very well, because the sun was so bright, but they’re snowflakes (also from Poundland) so fit the theme perfectly. And you know how I love to change things up!

Of course, I had to have candles. Did you know that Ikea candles have such a strong smell – kind of like Yankee candles but a third of the price? And they actually smell so good, I was pleasantly surprised.


Moving on to the side table decor. I hung up this curtain of fairy lights (from Ikea – that were in the living room during Christmas if you watched my YouTube festive house tour video!) on the back wall and added this huuuge bunch of spray painted branches to add a statement piece and some height to this table decor.


Last but not least are these window stickers (yet again from Poundland), a leftover from our Christmas decor, which are also here to stay! I’m telling you, most of what I bought for this table decor is from Poundland, Ikea or Primark so seriously cheap.

Overall, I thought this colour palette was a nice change from all the red and green we’ve had on the blog recently. It all looks so clean, sparkling and classy!

I hope you’re having a great start to the year! I’m so excited for this week!! Wish me luck 😉 xxxx


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  1. SO happy for you Jacqueline…. wedding planner is also full of white! You are in the best possible mood for starting this job! Lots of love from down under.

    1. Aww thank you so much, Priscille! I’m very excited and will let you know how its going in a few weeks! xxx

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