Easter Egg Nests

Hi friends! As you know, Easter is fast approaching so to kick off the season I wanted to share the EASIEST recipe ever you could whip up for the occasion: Easter egg nests. You may have heard of or seen these before – or versions of these – but I wanted to try my own.

For around 15 egg nests you’ll need:

  • 250g of chocolate
  • 100g of corn flakes
  • 45 mini eggs
  • 15 cupcake cases (I used silicone ones – similar ones HERE)
  • a baking tray

Start by melting down your chocolate…

I always use a heat proof bowl that I place on top of a pot of boiling water – making sure no water gets mixed in with the chocolate.

While your chocolate is melting away, measure 100g of cornflakes in a large mixing bowl. Don’t forget to keep stirring the chocolate as you don’t want it to burn.

Once it looks silky smooth, take it off the heat and mix in with the cornflakes.

Gently mix the content of the bowl until even…

Then grab two tablespoons and start dishing out into your cupcake cases, like so:

Try to create a little bit of a hole in the middle so it looks like a nest, because that’s where you’ll place your mini eggs.

When you’re done, place them in the refrigerator, or if its still as cold as it is here in London, place them outside to cool off and harden (sub 0 temperatures and the first day of Spring is TOMORROW! How crazy for London!!). Anyway, I waited about 45 minutes.

Once they’re cool, you can take the cupcake cases off. With the silicone cases I had, it was so so easy – I definitely recommend!

Lets take a second to appreciate these little nests! Also, I do want to say you can definitely make this sweet treat a little healthier by switching out the cornflakes for flaked almonds and the milk chocolate for the dark chocolate! We make a similar creations for Christmas, so I can attest it is a delicious combo. 😛

But since I’m not trying to make these as healthy as possible, lets layer on some more sugar!! Hahaha. Time to fill in these nest with eggs!

Who else loves Cadbury mini eggs? I love their pastel colours. Am I tempting you right now?

Honestly, I can’t think of a better Easter treat to make than these… super easy to make, super cute looking and super tasty!!! You should try them!! And then send me a picture of your creation… 🙂


I do want to add, keep your eyes peeled for next week’s blog post!!! I’m so so so excited to share! It’s beyond adorable!

TTYL! 😉 xx




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