Easter Picnic

Hi friends! So Easter is almost upon us! Oh I’m looking forward to this week. Easter really marks the beginning of Spring, the beginning of more sunshine, warmth and spending lots of time outside. I love it! I probably say this every year but my oh my did this winter feel long and depressing. I used to live in Montreal so you would think that I’d be used to these long winters that last way into April. But winter in London is something else. There’s no snow on the ground that reflects the sunshine so everything feels and looks super grey and depressing, there’s nowhere to really escape for a day – going skiing on Saturdays was the best in Canada! – and there are so few days of just crisp blue skies. So I’m excited for some change.

Ok, rant over hahah. So I thought having an Easter picnic would be very appropriate with the arrival of nicer weather. When I was younger, we always used to go to the park on Easter and my parents would hide the eggs there – living in London definitely does not give you the luxury of having a huge house and garden. But how fun would it be to spend a few hours outside, enjoying the sun and the first few signs of spring while the kids run around looking for Easter eggs?! I think this brings guaranteed fun for the whole family. And by all means, if you have a big garden, set up camp there!


You really don’t need much to create a festive picnic. I got this pink tablecloth to use as a picnic rug, my friend Tanja from Enchanted Parties Montreal got me these adorable paper plates and napkins from Meri Meri (seriously the cutest shop!!).

For the rest, I got most of the items for decoration from John Lewis: this egg nest centerpiece, this Easter straw rabbit and these adorable felt baskets for the kids.

Other than that, I got these pink plastic cutlery from Amazon (super cheap!) as well as these pink paper straws. You’ll notice these adorable Easter bunny egg cups I used to display my hard boiled dyed eggs (see last year’s blog post I made about these! Its a tradition we make every year. Its super fun!).


As for drinks, I made pink lemonade in my trusty mason jars – really, purely because it goest with the pink/pastel theme of this picnic! haha but in all seriousness I love this drink. I added these adorable little fluffy chicks as a garnish. It was a spur of the moment idea and I kind of like it!


For the food… well… we all know what the main attraction is… ahem, chocolate. But I also made these cookies to which I added mini eggs to make them a little more festive, as well as these Easter chocolate egg nests I shared with you last week.

You could of course make it more of a proper meal and bring out your Easter lunch to the park! If its nice out, I highly, HIGHLY encourage you to make the most of it this long weekend.


I almost forgot to show you the other little bits and bobs of decoration I brought along! You may think this is crazy but why not!? Make this little spot of the park your own for the afternoon (or morning!). I hung up an Easter “wreath” to the tree, as well as some plastic eggs and a few banners. Now we just need a few leaves & flowers to grow on the trees and we would have a proper Springtime feel!


If you’re lucky, you might even have a few unexpected guests join you! These squirrels were absolutely not shy. There were 3 or 4!

I feel like all I’ve done was list where I got everything from. Not a very exciting post! But I hope this gives you some ideas you could recreate next weekend.

What are your plans for Easter? My boyfriend’s family is coming from Montreal for a few days so lots of sightseeing will be involved – I’ll be sharing more on my Stories on Instagram so follow me there if you’d like to get a glimpse of London at Easter time! 🙂

I wish you a very happy Easter, filled with joy, laughter and some time to relax!

P.S. Next weekend will also mark Live, Love n Create‘s 1 year anniversary!! I can’t believe its already been a year. Thank you for following along! xxx



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