Festive House Tour Video!

Hi friends! This is just a quick note to let you know that I just posted a NEW VIDEO TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Its a Festive a Home Tour where I’m showing you all the decorations I’ve put up around the house for this holiday season! Honestly, all of my decor ideas are super affordable and I linked a lot of the newer pieces in the description box of my video so you’ll find all the information there!

But just in case you’re still unsure about watching the video, I’ll share a little sneak peak in this post, hoping to convince you that its worth it. 😉


This is my hallway! I went all out on the banister decor this year after seeing so many cute ideas over on Pinterest. It didn’t cost an arm and a leg, that’s for sure but it turned super cute. It might be my favourite decor piece this year… but wait, there’s lots more contenders & trust me, the best is in the video. 😉 Ok, I’m done publicising my YouTube channel. Haha.


The first picture is my hallway table. I looove putting a bow around the mirrors in my house. It’s such a cute touch. I also filled this massive vase with lots of gold & red baubles and a few battery operated string lights. It’s just the right amount of wow factor when you come in the house.

The second picture is one of the fireplaces in my house, where I hung some of our stockings. These ones have my sisters’ and my names embroidered on them. I think they look so Chrismas-y, I love them.

This one is another fireplace in my house. See?! I told you I loved the wrapped bow effect. I even put it around my TV to make it more festive! Haha. Also the pillow case I bought on Amazon for sooo cheap (details in the description box of the video).

Now this picture was taken in my kitchen. You wont actually see these balloons in the video because they only arrived yesterday and I had already filmed the video. But that’s where they will live during the holiday season. And they look perfect! 😉

And last but not least is our tree! I decided on a silver theme with a touch of red this year. We also always put lametta on our tree (its a German tradition and they look and feel like strings of aluminium foil but a little heavier. You can buy them HERE if you want!)

But wait until you see the bathroom… you’ll die of laughter. 😉 Watch it HERE!

See you next week friends for a whole lot of tips & ideas for your table decor! xxx

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