Hola! This week I’m sharing with you a Mexican dinner I hosted a couple of weeks ago with some of my college friends. I’m really happy with how the decor turned out and once again – you should know this by now – it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to design.

As you might have noticed, I kept the table decor pretty simple since I did such an elaborate “background” decor – only adding confetti as a table runner, tea light candles, fake orchids on each of the plates and little parasols to every glass.

I had so much fun with the background decor and kind of went all out. This palm tree with the parrots (similar here) set the tone for my decor to a T. Big, bright and colourful! I added a bright yellow paper garland and lantern (similar here) to balance out with the palm tree, which I placed on the right hand side.

Now for the Live Love n Create tip of the week: when in need for decor, don’t hesitate to think outside the box. In this case, I mean, using your wall artwork that you hang around your house can be a great idea for table decors! This beautiful painting was actually something my parents brought me back from their trip to Mexico a looong time ago and hangs in my bedroom! Haha! How perfect for this theme!?


Now for the smaller details: I just got this beautiful cactus shaped vase from here and I’m completely obsessed with the way it looks with flowers in it!! It’s just so different; its a work of art in itself. Ok, enough praising this vase! Haha!

Lastly, I added confetti (the same as on the main table) to add a little funnnn. I actually made the confetti myself i.e. I grabbed some coloured paper and used small shape cutters (I don’t know how you call them…but I hope you get the picture) to cut out confetti pieces. I also found these super cute fiesta themed confetti online if you want a good alternative.

Once everybody arrived, we served the food and dug in! On the menu was nachos, tortillas with home-made guacamole as appetizers – I keep my recipe super simple and only put in avocados, lime juice, garlic powder and of course, salt & pepper.

As a main, I made good ol’ fajitas. It’s basically a fool proof meal, which I know will also be a success so I make it pretty often. All we had in our fajitas was guacamole and stir fried chicken strips with red onions and peppers. Oh and I usually throw in a pack of fajita spices to add a little extra taste. Told you, easiest recipe!!


As hoped, the plates were wiped clean and we spent the rest of the night discussing summer plans, singing along the top 40s (ahem… not very Mexican themed! haha) that was playing on the radio and playing all kinds of games. Overall a great night with very little effort! I highly recommend!!!

Have a fabulous week, friends!

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