Rainbow Ice Cream Cake

For all of you who are (or know) summer babies (like me!), I’ve got the most perfect idea for your next birthday cake! An ice cream cake! Ok, that may seem very obvious… buuuut its not any kind of ice cream cake! Its a homemade one! With all your favourite flavours in it!

Its super fun to make, trust me. Get the little ones involved as well, they’ll love it, just like my youngest cousins who helped me make this one!

Ok, first up, you’ll need to find a freezer-friendly dish. The deeper the better, so I suggest you use a souffle dish, like this one. This should serve about 12 people.

Then for the ingredients: use all your favourite ice cream flavours, as many or as few as you wish. Here are the ones I chose…

Oh and little tip, try to get bright and colourful flavours, like this super bright raspberry flavour ^(4th from the bottom!) it’ll make your cake look so much prettier. Scroll down if you want to see why… 😉

The second and last ingredient you’ll need are meringues. For those of you unfamiliar with this, they are a French specialty that you can buy in pretty much any bakery. They’re made with just sugar and egg whites. Here’s a recipe I found online if you want to make them yourself. I just bought mine from the grocery store.

The process is very simple: fill up your bowl with scoops of ice cream. Its most fun to have different colours next to each other so make sure to alternate with your flavours!

Once your bowl is full, use a plate that’s about the width of your dish (or a little smaller) and really press down to pack down the ice cream. It doesn’t sound very glamorous but you want to make sure there is no space in between the scoops you just placed in your dish.

The last step is to break small-ish pieces of meringue and scatter them on top of your ice cream. Once the whole surface is covered with meringue pieces, place your dish in the freezer for an hour or so.

When you’re ready to serve, I would suggest getting a serving plate and placing upside down the dish that you put in the freezer. Then place the frozen dish under warm water for a few minutes for easy unmoulding.

Decorate the top of the cake a little with small meringues, berries or whipped cream, and finish off with the most important detail: candles.


As you might have noticed, the essence of my decor for the birthday party was inspired by the cake itself. I bought a “Happy Birthday” banner in the same pink, green/turquoise and beige colours as the ice cream. I added some balloons, which I tied to the branches for a little more fun. I also found this beautiful set of pink plates. Lastly, I picked up these amazingly bright pink hydrangeas – which I’m completely obsessed with – that I placed in a turquoise vase. And oh my goodness, I love that colour combination of bright pink and turquoise!!!

Before I could take any more pictures, everybody had already tucked into the cake so… here are some pictures of the half eaten cake to show you the inside! 😉 Honestly, the combination of the soft texture of the ice cream and the crunchiness of the meringues is unbeatable.

We drank grenadine and ate way too much ice cream – I’m embarrassed to tell you how many servings I had. Its the best kind of cake on a hot and sticky summer day!

Have a great week, friends! And let me know if you make this at home! 🙂

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