Picnic in Paradise

We just spent a week in Sanibel Island, in Florida and it was so wonderful. The late sunsets, the salty breeze from the sea, the dolphins that come so close to the shore, the feeling after you showered at the end of the day and got all the sand and greasy sunscreen off… I love everything about a beach vacation! Even the uncomfortable feeling of the sand in your sheets when you go to bed at night. 😉

I wanted to share with you some pictures I took from a dinner picnic we had one evening on the beach at sunset. I love this time of year when the sun sets later and later. It means we can enjoy a dinner outside before it gets too dark (and cold), especially at the beach.

One not-to-be-missed fact about me is that I. Love. Turquoise. 😉 Its my all-time favourite colour! If I ever have a chance, I’ll have to show you my bedroom! I’m taking my love for this colour to another level! haha. So obviously, I had to have everything turquoise for our beach picnic!

Two things to watch out for when having a beach picnic are: 1) sand, and 2) wind. That’s why I used lots of candles to a) look good, but more importantly b) hold everything in place.

I also tied together the napkins with the cutlery with a big piece of turquoise fabric, so the napkins would not fly away. I worked wonders.

For dinner, we just made a simple chicken Caesar salad with a side of tortilla chips that I put in the cutest (turquoise!) heart shaped bowl – trust me, the less dishes you have at the beach, the happier you’ll be!

I don’t do well with alcohol after a long day in the sun, it gets to my head so quickly! So for drinks, we stuck with water. BUT I did add slices of cucumber, lemon and strawberry, for a fun little refreshing touch. Its also a great way to get some healthy nutrients  in your body – especially from the lemon. Honestly, its super easy: just add a slice of lemon to any jug of water you pour yourself, and you’re set. I usually just cut one slice every morning and fill up my glass throughout the day multiple times keeping the same lemon slice (lazy!).

Also, mason jars with a lid and straw are the best for the beach, seriously! I bought these ones (US version) – they have a lot of different colours – they’re so adorable!

I hope you had a wonderful long and relaxing Easter weekend with your loved ones, wherever you are in the world!

What is your favourite kind of holiday?





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  1. Thanks, great article.

  2. Looks like paradise, indeed! And turquoise is such a great colour – it instantly made me feel like I was on holiday. Love the mason jars, cute AND practical!

  3. […] This beach picnic was so challenging to create because I had to bring everything FROM EUROPE TO FLORIDA (I’m crazy, absolutely CRAZY!) but I love the lighting and that turquoise colour is my absolute favourite. I love to shoot in different locations, it makes it more challenging but also way more fun. […]

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