Black & Gold

A couple of weekends ago, I organised my mom’s 50th birthday dinner for her and her friends.

As is probably pretty obvious from the title (and the pictures…) the theme of the party was Black & Gold, a great way to combine glamour and class with a hint of sparkles.

I started off with a blank slate…quite literally with a white tablecloth. When planning my table decor, I usually start with the middle of the table and then work my way outwards. A table runner is always a good way to fill the middle of the table, especially when it is so large.

Because my mother is a big fan of flowers, centrepieces were a must. I spray painted some roses black and gold to stick to the theme. In hindsight, I think I would’ve preferred a more yellow-y gold spray paint but with dimmed lighting, it ended up looking great. 😉  I filmed a tutorial on how I assembled these centrepieces. You can watch it HERE! Also subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you get notified first when I post new videos! I plan on making many more tutorials in the future!

I added confetti for a little fun touch and a couple of tea-light candles to create a perfect dimmed lighting.

Because I had white plates and a white table cloth, I had to find something to break the monotony of the white. I found these great gold chargers online. I absolutely love them! Keep your eyes peeled for them because they will be back on the blog soon, I can assure you!

Lastly, I bought these paper napkins as they were perfect for the theme. I rolled them up in napkin rings to make them look more like proper cloth napkins.

Now for the room decoration: I bought some balloons, which is an easy and cheap way to make a bold statement.

P.S. I bought some 5 0 balloons online and filled them with helium but they ended up not floating because they weren’t large enough… I ended up just sticking them to the wall so it wasn’t too bad. As I am no balloon expert, I had no idea this was a “thing”! So watch out for these issues especially when buying them online, mine were 26 inches long so I would suggest getting larger ones (such as these ones)!

Anyway, back to my decor! I bought some fun props for pictures – which always is a hit amongst guests. I added a few black and gold tea-light candles, some large black candles on which I stuck a few confetti to stick to the black & gold theme. Lastly, I created this beautiful vase with black and gold Christmas tree ornaments and some black and gold branches to give the centrepiece more height. Seriously though, what better way to recycle some of your Christmas decoration? 😉 

What is your favourite theme for birthdays? Anything you would like to see more of on this blog? I always appreciate your suggestions, so keep’em coming!

Have a great week, friends!

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  1. Love it!

  2. It looks like you have been at the best family school for setting tables!!!! Congratulations.

  3. So festive, classy, elegant and yet fun! Great ideas, as always.

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