Red, White n Blue

Hi friends! This week I wanted to share a table decor for all the red, white and blue celebrations coming up this summer including Independence Day and Bastille Day (and Canada Day this weekend!)!

I am very excited about this decor because I only spent £11 on it: for the table, I only bought star shaped confetti (similar here), red napkins and red, white and blue crepe. Oh and red and blue straws (similar here). Anyways, the point of my story is that you really do not have to spend much to create something very much in the red, white and blue spirit.

The crepe ribbon is super versatile and I pretty much used everywhere I could: on the table to create a sort of table runner, on the chairs to dress them up in the theme and on the windows to create some sort of themed background. I’m telling you, it took a lot of self restraint to not use up the whole 24 metres of each colour all around the room. Haha.


I cut out some stars from red and blue paper and glued them onto the straws (DIY-ing is my thing, so I will always try to incorporate a touch of DIY in ALL my decors. It makes it more fun and challenging).

I also got a bunch of red and white roses because none of my decors are fully complete without flowers! I wish I had added a touch of blue but couldn’t find anything that would look good in the vase (I even thought about dyeing the water blue! lol!).

I invited a few friends over for a brunch. I made tons of food including pancakes, muffins (I used two recipes from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook: ham & mushrooms and cheese & spinach muffins), waffles, madeleines, fruit and the classic eggs and bacon.

While I was taking pictures of the decor, my friend very kindly prepared the bacon and eggs and soon enough, we were finally all ready to dig into to the food!

We poured ourselves some mimosas and cheered to the beginning of summer and to our friendship!

We devoured the food and only stopped once our bellies started hurting. The ultimate sign of a successful meal! 😉

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans! Happy Bastille Day to all my fellow Frenchies! And last but not least, I hope all my beloved Canadians had a fabulous Canada Day this weekend!

P.S. For more inspiration for Canada Day and Bastille Day check out my Instagram and Pinterest Accounts!

Also, let me know what you would like to see more of from me, I would love to hear your suggestions!

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  1. Love all your ideas and the fact that you’re not spending a lot of money. Looks fabulous!

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