Camping under shooting stars

Hello friends! Who’s going camping this summer? I honestly very rarely go camping but I’ve recently been very keen to go. The idea of spending even just one night in the middle of nature sounds so appealing. It’s a great way to connect with the simple things in life again – reading, playing board games & outdoor games, cooking or just talking late into the night watching the sky and hoping to see shooting stars. As a little reminder, you are most likely to see shooting stars in August – around August 10th to be exact – so I think you should add camping to your August bucket list! 😉

I just spent a week in Eastern France (yes, there is a lot more to see in France than just Paris and the Côte d’Azur haha) and organised a little camping trip with family members.


As for what we brought, we really only brought along the essentials. 😉 In all seriousness, forget about the fancy change of clothes and the huge toiletry bag, camping is about easy living – which means wine, food and games. 😉

Also, little tip: crates are great to store items on your way there and double up as perfect little tables once on the campsite.


I had also cut some hydrangeas on our way there and gosh, these flowers are so amazing! Their size and colour is a florist’s dream!! Also, vases are completely overrated 😉 haha this tiny wheelbarrow is. so. much. cuter. I love experimenting with decor and I have to say, I was really impressed with how this camping decor turned out!

We arrived for the apéritif, set up camp and stayed up late into the night, watching the sun go down and the moon go up before eventually falling asleep to the sound of the gentle breeze and the owls howling.

For lighting, we wrapped around the poles of the tent these battery operated fairy lights, which made for the perfect amount of lighting, enough to not step on each other’s legs or arms haha. We also brought along these little solar lanterns in the shape of a mason jar for a little extra light when adventuring outside or as a reading light. (P.S. This is a really great present for all your outdoorsy/adventure-enthusiastic friends out there!) All in all, the inside was very cozy and allowed us to have a very peaceful night!


It was a great 24 hours and I cannot recommend this enough! Especially since its so cheap… no excuses! Grab your loved ones and your sleeping bags (oh and your mosquito repellent! And your eye masks if you’re not keen to be woken up with the sunrise! But then again, its all part of the experience!) and get outside!!

I hope you’re all having a great summer! I can’t wait to share more of what we’re up to this summer in the next few weeks! Thank you for following along!

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  1. Love it! The fairy lights inside the tent and the mason jar solar lights… getting myself some of those right now… Thanks for sharing as always. xx

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