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Hi friends! Ok, so I’m finally all caught up with my Summer posts and after the arts & crafts post I did last week, I’m more than ready to jump into Fall decor. I know, I know, its highly overdue. But I’ve been working on a few upcoming blog posts for these next few weeks and I’m so excited to share them with you!

First up, this table decor inspired by all things Fall. I picked up some leaves from trees that had turned fire-y red in my neighbourhood and let them dry for a few days.

I also bought two medium sized pumpkins because, I mean, what is a Fall decor without pumpkins!! I actually did a mini tutorial on my Instagram last week showing you how I spray painted my pumpkins half gold and plan on doing lots more in the coming weeks, ESPECIALLY around the holiday season – because Christmas decor is MY JAM. Anyways, all I’m saying is you should go follow my Instagram page if you want to see them! 😉 (shameless promotion…)


Ok, moving on… my mom actually picked up these funny shaped pumpkins (not sure how you call them) while she was on a walk in Kent. I love how quirky and colourful they are. I find it amazing what things nature does.

To finish off my centerpiece, I grabbed a few nuts and hazelnuts from last year’s harvest to add a little bit of brown and tie it all in with the gold that I used for my tableware. You might remember this gold table runner from this blog post I did at the beginning of the year (as well as the gold plate chargers). Told you I was going to use them again!! Love recycling my decor stuff haha.

For the plates, I used these “insect plates” – I mean plates with insects painted on them. I thought they would go very well with the nature inspired theme! And indeed, they go perfectly with the colour scheme of red, orange and gold. For the rest of the tableware, I really just used our everyday white plates and cutlery.

Oh, and last thing I forgot to add about the decor are candles. I can never create a table decor without candles as you all know by now. But that’s not why I wanted to mention this. I actually didn’t have any gold tea lights so as I was spray painting my pumpkins, I quickly grabbed a couple of plain white tea lights and spray painted them as well. Just a little trick for you guys!


For the rest of the decor, I kept things pretty simple with a big bunch of flowers to which I added a few gold branches to stick with the gold theme, a lantern with a gold candle in it aaaaand Halloween/Fall decorated cupcakes!!! But for those, you’ll have to wait til next week to know more about how I made them… I’m making a Youtube video so do check back in next Monday and subscribe to my Youtube channel to be notified when it goes live!

Until then, wishing you all a fabulous week!! Ciao Ciao my loves!


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  2. Love the gold painted pumpkins and the idea of spray-painting the white tea lights! Wonderful how it all comes together for a great themed table setting. Keep sending those great ideas!

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