New Year, New Beginnings

Hi friends! First off, Happy New Year! I hope 2018 brings you lots of happiness, health, success and wonderful memories. I encourage you to achieve something (or things!) you’ve been thinking of doing, whether it is signing up for a class, doing a new activity, going on a trip, facing a fear or starting a project or business you’re passionate about… the list is endless.

I started this blog of mine almost a year ago (let’s say, I was definitely thinking about it a year ago!) and I’ve been absolutely loving it. Every aspect of it! Its kind of like my baby and its sooo satisfying to have something of my own. I definitely feel like I’m an entrepreneur at heart.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, this is not one of my usual blog posts. I’ve actually been thinking about this post for a couple of months now. I feel like I haven’t been very open about who I am and what I’m trying to achieve with this blog. For the past 10 months, I really jumped into this whole event styling thing and have been rolling the wave since. But I feel like I want to step it up a notch now in some way, shape or form.

In a way, this blog post is more for myself than for you guys, its kind of a way to keep myself accountable. If I write it down (and post it!) then I’ll be more inclined to stick with my goals.

With that being said, here are some of the changes & goals for this new year:

     1. Higher quality content!

I got some photography equipment for Christmas so I hope it’ll help me up the quality of my pictures. I feel so motivated, refreshed and full of ideas for this new year. I’m literally bursting at the seams! Now I need to keep calm, organise my thoughts and take things one at a time. I have to remind myself this is not a sprint, its a marathon haha.

     2. More consistency!

As you know, I post once a week on Mondays. While I don’t think I’ll be able to post more than that, I’m definitely going to try and be more consistent and not miss any weeks (I did miss a few weeks last year, especially during the Summer and it always throws me off the bandwagon – I feel a lot less motivated when I don’t post regularly).

     4. More YouTube videos & more InstaStories content!

I did a poll on my Instastories last year asking you what you preferred between Instastories tutorials and YouTube videos and it was pretty much a 50-50% response rate so I’m going to focus on both. Last year, I posted 4 videos on my YouTube channel – this year, I want to double that. I also plan on posting more on my Instastories – more behind the scenes, more day to day things an event planner does.

     5. More collaborations!

I also want to start collaborating more with my fellow friends I made through this blog. Similarly, I’m also hoping to have more guest posts. On that note, watch this space because I’ve got a few ongoing projects I’m SO SO EXCITED to share including my first collab with my good friend, Kirsty from Taste and See (check out her blog, she’s got the best advice nutrition related)! Don’t hesitate to message me if you want to collaborate, I’d be suuuper excited!!!

   6. Event planning services!

If you read the “About me” section of my blog, you might know that I decided to start a career in the event planning industry since graduating from my Master’s in Management last September. I offer many different services from event styling, on-the-day coordination to full planning, styling and coordination of your event as well as photoshoot styling services. You can learn more about the services I offer HERE. So do not hesitate contact me if you need help with your event or shoot, I’d be more than happy to get involved.

 7. #inspirationalwednesday

I think I’m going to start this weekly thing called #inspirationalwednesday where I’ll share with you one or a couple of accounts I’ve been really enjoying following, who I find very inspiring & genuine. I do prefer accounts that are more personal and where you don’t feel like its only about the likes, the follower count and how their feed looks.

    8. A subscription email list!

I’m aware this blog post is getting so long. If you’re still reading, thank you!!! I really appreciate you. More website related, I’m working on getting a subscription list with weekly emails up on what’s going on on Live, Love n Create and other things in the event styling & planning world. I’ll definitely let you know when it goes live so you can subscribe to that – it should go up this week!

     9. A brand & website revamp

You might have noticed over the course of December that I changed a few things on my website and social media accounts. For one, my profile picture is different… I couldn’t stand the other one anymore. Haha. But more importantly, I completely rewrote and redesigned the “About” section on my website (you can read more about me over there!) and I reclassified all of my blog posts in dropdown menus so its easier for you to browse my site. I also tweaked and added lots of bits and pieces such as pictures, new artwork, new links…etc so if any of the links are broken or anything looks abnormal, I’d be super grateful if you could let me know.

     10. More interactions with YOU!

Last but certainly not least, I’m really hoping to get to interact more with you guys. Do send me a DM, contact me here or send me an email if you have any questions, want some advice, are interested in collaborating or need help with an event you’re planning (you can read more about the services I offer HERE)! I’d be more than happy to answer them and help you out!!

Thank you for following along and supporting this little platform of mine. You guys are the best!!!!

Jacqueline xx

5 Replies to “New Year, New Beginnings”

  1. I loved reading through these! I’m honoured to be called a good friend, and am so excited for our collaboration(s) ☺️ Xx

    1. Thank you! I’m super excited to work with you! 🙂

  2. So many goals for 2018, my friend! Sounds amazing and I will be here cheering you on!

    1. Aww thank you, Tanja! You’re so sweet! Excited to get to know you better in 2o18! 🙂

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