New Year’s Eve Party 2017

Hi friends! I hope you had the most wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. In our household, although we always go on a few traditional outings every year (amongst others, we go to see a musical, we go to a Christmas funfair, we walk around to see the Christmas lights in our neighbourhood) our Christmas weekend always feels really laid back (ok, apart from the last minute Christmas shopping I always end up having to do, no matter how early I start or how organised I am…).

One thing I looove about this time of year is the fact that although one celebration is over, the next one is right around the corner so it doesn’t feel like its all over the morning after Christmas day!

Now although I am not spending New Year’s Eve in London this year (I’ll be in France), I could not resist creating a beautiful tablescape for the occasion.

This year I decided to go with gold, silver and black, all colours I feel are so glittery, glamorous and just perfect for a festive night like this one.

As you can probably tell, the star of the show are the balloons in the backdrop. They’re so cool! I’m obsessed haha. Especially with the champagne bottle in place of a 0.


Hopefully you noticed from the pictures but I also decided to hang things from the ceiling in place of a proper centerpiece for a change! And it looks fabuloussss! It was quite difficult to get up there because of high our ceiling is but lets forget about that part haha… Its up and looks great! Maybe not as great on pictures unfortunately… but they’re silver, gold and black curly laces hanging down (not sure how to call them…).


For the table I used my trusty gold plate chargers and gold and silver table runners. You cannot tell me you haven’t seen them before because I use them all. the. time. I probably need to change things up one of these days… Maybe in the new year. 😉

In the meantime, I’m still going to love on these because they look so goooood. They look so festive.

Apart from that, you probably noticed the candles I added to the centre of the table (of course!), some party poppers from Poundland (if there’s one celebration where you need these, its New Year’s Eve!) and the coolest confetti ever!!!

^ Check them out! In the shape of champagne glasses and champagne bottles (I found them HERE), what could be more perfect for this event than these?! Nothing, exactly. 😉


Now of course, champagne is a must for this occasion! Gotta start the New Year the right way! 😉 So cliché I know, I know…

Anyways, all that’s left for me to say is… I really truly wish you a wonderful new year. I hope 2018 brings you health, strength, success and happiness. And I hope you take this next week to relax, live in the moment and enjoy your loved ones’ company.

I can’t wait to share with you what my new year resolutions are next week. 2018 is going to be a good year, I feel it! As always, thank you for following along and supporting this little piece of the Internet of mine.

Jacqueline xxx




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