BOO! Happy Halloween!

Hi my dear friends! As promised, I wanted to share with you one last Halloween post! We’re not very big on Halloween in my family but this year we thought, what a great excuse to invite friends over, sip on cocktails and catch up.

As you’ll see next week, we’ve become big cocktail fans haha (I’ve got another blog post about cocktails scheduled). We recently bought these VERY affordable margarita glasses and pina colada glasses and I just want to use them every day, for everything. Haha.

Anyways, that was another one of my many side notes… Back to this post. I decided to head to Poundland and check out their Halloween decor. That’s where I found the fake cobwebs with the spiders. Guys, let me tell you. I’m obsessed with this stuff!! I wish I had bought more so I could wrap my whole house with it!!

I also found the cutest pumpkin fairy lights! Yup, my obsession with fairy lights continues. I couldn’t resist. They also had ghost and spiders and I don’t remember what else. If you live in the U.K then definitely check them out! They do have some cute things. Ok, I’m done with my praise of Poundland.

Other than that, I bought this pumpkin-shaped balloon at a random service station and decided it would be my “main” decor item. The “HAPPY” is actually a left over of a birthday party we had a few weeks ago (but shhh…don’t tell anyone). I just thought It would look cute to have “Happy Trick or Treat” written on the wall.


As for the smaller bits and bobs, you might remember the pumpkins from THIS blog post I did a couple of weeks ago. Recycling all the way. 😉

I also went to Flying Tiger (my favourite store these days, I find myself there at least once a week…) and picked up these glittery spiders, the vampire eyes and the pumpkin shaped chocolates. All in all, I spent… £8 pounds on this decor. Not bad.

Ok, now for the food and drinks. I set out tortilla chips and other warm finger foods (not pictured) and of course, a bowl of Halloween candy because one cannot do trick or treat without candy – the cutest part was definitely the pumpkin-shaped chocolate!!!

As for the cocktails, I made gin & tonics and added some orange colouring. I loveeee that colour!! Definitely doesn’t look as appetising as the real thing but hey, its not a Halloween party for nothing! You could obviously do this with many other alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks as long as they’re translucent (such as mojitos or lemonade for example!). And for the final touch, I added these vampire-y eyes in each of the glasses that are in the same material as ping pong balls so they would float.

And that’s pretty much it! Nice decor, good food, delicious drinks and even better company! What else could you ask for! Cheers to the weekend! Thank you for being so loyal, I will forever and always be grateful.

See you next week for even MORE cocktail ideas!! xxx



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  1. Great ideas as always. Love the glittery spiders and the eye balls in the drinks. Cheers!

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